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Hair Care

Please inspect your hair upon receiving it. Feel free to brush, comb, run your fingers thru it to make sure it is to your liking BEFORE unraveling. If there is an issue and you would like to return your extensions for any reason, they must be in the orignal condition.

Treating your extensions like your real hair is important to make them last. Proper hair care will help your extensions last 6months to a 1 1/2!

Before installing your extensions, co-washing is important. It helps take your hair from its raw state to luxiours and ready to wear.


Wet extensions competely with water. 

Add moisturizing conditioner. Comb thru with wide tooth comb, starting from the ends up to the weft. Make sure every strand is covered.

Let conditioner soak for 15-20mins.

Rinse thoroughly with cool water to the seal moisture into the hair.

Take a towel and gently dab hair to remove excess water. DO NOT RUB/MASSAGE. That will cause unwanted tangle & frizz. With curly hair, slightly scrunch to help curls reform.

Let air dry.

Then your extensions are ready to be styled!


*Your virgin extensions will experience split ends and some shedding. Clipping your ends when you see them split will also help with making your extensions last.*



Minimal use of products is suggested to avoid build-up. For curls & waves, use a spray bottle with water mixed with conditioner or mousse to help keep your hair vibrant.

Wrapping your hair at night with a bonnet, scarf, or head wrap will also help prolong the use of your beautiful extensions. It helps prevent damage.