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 What is VIRGIN hair?

Virgin hair is when the hair is in its natural state. There have been NO chemical changes, it has not been processed, and all cuticles are still intact.

What is REMY hair?

Remy hair is the finest quality of human hair. REMY means all the hair cuticles are healthy, intact, and flow in a SINGLE DIRECTION from the root to the tip.

What is the "CUTICLE" and the actual meaning of SINGLE DONOR?

The CUTICLE is the outer layer of the hair strand. Single donor means the hair comes from one single person. The hair is collected directly from a woman's head. It is cut and held in a ponytail to ensure no hair strands will fall to the floor.

How big will my closure or frontal be?

Our closures are 4x4 and our ear-to-ear frontals are 13x4.

Which hair care products work best with this hair?

Treating your Bellas Bundles hair like your own is important! Using quality products to take care of your hair is the best way to guarantee your hair will last for a very long time. I personally use OGX Products.

How often should I wash/condition my hair?

We recommend you CO-WASH your hair once a week. When using mousse, oils, sheen, and constant heat, these things will prevent the hair from flowing naturally. 

What does CO-WASH mean?

Co-wash means simply conditioner washing. It is a vital task in prolonging how long your hair stays healthy. Shampooing strips the hair and we don't want that now do we? Use warm water instead of hot water because it lessens the damage to the cuticles. We also recommend you co-wash your hair when you receive it. It has been through many hands and packaging. 

Can my Bellas Bundles hair be colored?

ABSOLUTELY! Because our hair has never been chemically processed, dying the hair your choice color is most certainly obtainable! However, if you do wish for your color to come out exactly how you desire, we recommend contacting a professional. We also provided already dyed bundles!

What type of payments do you accept?

Any type of VISA Mastercard can be accepted thru the website thru PayPal. CashApp options are available as well if PayPal is an issue. Just contact with text at 9123481128 or a DM via Instagram or Facebook!

How long does my hair take to arrive?

We ship using USPS. Processing takes between 24/48hrs. Shipping generally takes 1-3 business days and begins right after processing is completed. So if you order on the weekend, your processing date will begin the next business day!

What if I want to return my Bella's Bundles?

We do allow returns as long as extensions are in its original condition and zip ties are still intact. Please inspect your extensions thoroughly! Feel free to brush, comb, and run your fingers thru your extensions but do not unravel your extensions until you are completely satisfied with your purchase.